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Endurance energy isn’t something you take, it’s something you make. Energy bars, gels, and chews are all great. But they’re just fuel. The energy your muscles need to move you, is made by your cells. They take the raw fuel from food and turn it into the ATP energy your muscles need to perform. 

OLEUS has created a complete system designed to support your cell energy metabolism² through every performance stage. Like a turbocharger improving the performance of a car engine, our patented nutrient complex enhances the cell's ability to deliver more of what our muscles need to keep firing on all cylinders³.

OLEUS was developed by a team of research scientists from the University of Lausanne specializing in mitochondrial function.

OLEUS is made for serious and amateur endurance athletes who compete or train 1-5 times per week with at least one session over 2 hours.

OLEUS headquarters are in Belgium, and we are currently producing in Italy at a facility that is GMP Certificated for Manufacturing and Packaging of Food Supplements according to the Code of Federal Regulation Title 21 - FDA.

Take the OLEUS Pre-Activity Shot approximately one hour before your shorter runs, and thirty minutes before longer runs, training sessions, or competitions. This natural energy boost is powered by Guarana, essential vitamins, and amino acids, delivering an additional surge of energy that enhances endurance and delays the onset of fatigue¹³. For those longer outings, feel free to repeat another during the training.

Take the OLEUS Recovery Shot right after your endurance activities. Our potent formula provides powerful antioxidant support from Oleuropein and Acerola fruit to minimize oxidative damage⁹ and support the immune system after intense exercise⁴. Whey protein and BCAA’s enable muscles to build back stronger⁸, and essential nutrients like Calcium and Magnesium help to restore healthy muscle function³.

Take the OLEUS Daily Shot every morning. Formulated with a robust dose of Oleuropein, known for its cellular energizing and antioxidant effects¹⁴ and fortified with a strategic blend of B vitamins and essential minerals (like Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, and Iron) are crucial for maintaining healthy cell function⁷.

We recommend taking one Daily Shot every day. Pre-activity Shot should be taken 30-60 mins before the training or competition, and for those longer outings, you can repeat another during the session. And, one Recovery Shot should be taken after the activity. 

OLEUS has created a complete system designed to support your cell energy metabolism² through every performance stage. So we recommend incorporating all three shots into your routine. However, each OLEUS product is designed to provide specific benefits, and you can certainly choose the one that aligns with your needs.

Yes, OLEUS products complement each other. Our Daily, Pre-Activity, and Recovery shots can all be consumed on the same day.

Keep at temperatures below 25°C, avoid exposure to heat sources, and sunlight, and keep away from moisture. You can chill your OLEUS shot in the refrigerator before use for an optimal taste experience.

Take OLEUS in addition to any sports supplements you may be taking daily or during and after training. We recommend observing the maximum daily doses and if in doubt ask a doctor or nutrition expert for advice.

Yes, the product works equally well for aging people. If in doubt ask a doctor or nutrition expert for advice.

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OLEUS subscription allows you to effortlessly receive your chosen products monthly.  Customize your preferences on our product page and enjoy hassle-free automatic shipments, with the flexibility to adjust, pause or end your subscription as necessary.

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