Our Rebranding Journey: From XTRACT to OLEUS - OLEUS

Our Rebranding Journey: From XTRACT to OLEUS

Exploring the Essence of Our New Brand

Entering the endurance community in 2022 we were amazed by how this community adapted a new product with ingredients like Oleuropein, that were never used within the market before. Soon, we start with a fresh name and a holistic approach to energy and your cellular nutrition system. We’re excited to showcase our meticulous development of three new products, each crafted to assist your cells in every step of the endurance journey. Soon we’ll launch these products and extend our commitment beyond just boosting endurance, but provide you with a holistic approach that supports your cells before, during, and after your endurance training.



Our journey started with the discovery of oleuropein and its potential within the world of endurance sports. We first combined it with magnesium and vitamins to provide you with a great pre-exercise shot but quickly discovered that we could do way more than that. Now we strive to provide the endurance community with a complete energy system rather than just one product. We strongly believe energy doesn’t only come from fuel, it comes from your cells. Most perceive energy as something derived from food or beverages, but the truth is, it originates within your cells. Mitochondria, the internal combustion engines of cells, convert nutrients into ATP—the energy that fuels every muscle fibre. The combination of nutrients within Oleus keeps your cells firing on all cylinders, ensuring a steady energy supply for as long as you need it. As Oleuropein was such a pivotal ingredient in our original product we decided it earned its spot inside our new brand name.


“Energy doesn’t come from fuel, it comes from your cells.”


What Sets OLEUS Apart?

OLEUS: Primes your engines

Unlike sports drinks or energy gels, OLEUS stands out by enhancing your energy system at every level—from cells to muscles and mind. It extracts more energy from every cell, truly powering the cells that drive your performance. Just as an engine converts fuel into power for speed and endurance on the racetrack, mitochondria transform nutrients into energy that propels muscles to endure longer and stronger.

“Power the cells that power your performance.”


Stay Tuned for OLEUS 

Now that the word is out, we are transforming from XTRACT to OLEUS in the next few weeks. Along with this new brand name, we will soon announce our new products that will boost your cells from within. OLEUS is not just a name change; it stands for a focus on your energy system. Keep an eye out on our pages for the big launch.



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