A shot of performance for your cellular engines

OLEUS keeps your cells firing on all cylinders, so they keep giving you the energy you need for as long as you need it¹.


Your cells are the engines of performance

Endurance energy isn’t something you take, it’s something you make. Energy bars, gels, and chews are all great. But they’re just fuel. The energy your muscles need to move you, is made by your cells. They take the raw fuel from food and turn it into the ATP energy your muscles need to perform. 

OLEUS has created a complete system designed to support your cell energy metabolism² through every performance stage. Like a turbocharger improving the performance of a car engine, our patented nutrient complex enhances the cell's ability to deliver more of what our muscles need to keep firing on all cylinders³.

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Tune your cellular engines 
for performance

  • Turbocharge
    your performance

    Spark your energy production at the mitochondrial level⁴, giving muscles a +6h boost in performance¹.

  • Don’t just boost it,
    build it

    Daily support maintains energy and general vitality⁴ over time, so there’s more there to boost when you need it.

  • Rebuild your 
    cellular energy

    Bounce back fast with the cellular recovery shot designed to recharge your muscles and reduce fatigue⁶.

We push the limits of cellular performance, so you can push your own

There are two parts to creating energy in the body. The first part is the fuel you consume. The second part is what happens in your cells, when the mitochondrial engines turn this raw fuel into ATP energy. 

It’s this cellular energy that powers every step, every flex, every stroke, and every pedal we make. The more efficiently they are able to do their jobs, the more energy is delivered to your muscles. The longer your cells stay at their peak, the longer you are able to run, cycle, or swim. 

OLEUS has created a simple but complete system to support your cell energy metabolism² through every stage of performance. Because the better your cells perform, the better you can.

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Cellular energy for every phase of training

OLEUS Cellular Energy System² is a scientifically formulated suite of products for endurance athletes looking to build their energetic capacity, not just boost it.

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Trusted by high-performing athletes

Whether you like to train alone or engage in weekend races, you are part of a wider circle that values strength, resilience, and competitiveness. Join the OLEUS community and find not only our products that prime your cellular engines but also a group of like-minded individuals. 

Cellular Energy Starter Pack

Our Cellular Energy Shots are the ultimate training partner for endurance athletes looking to improve their energetic capacity, not just boost it.

Each pack contains:

  • 12 Shots of Daily
  • 6 Shots of Pre-activity 
  • 6 Shots of Recovery
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Cellular Energy Starter Pack - OLEUS

Unbolt the world of endurance

OLEUS is a thriving global community of endurance athletes united by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and transcending limits. Our mission is simple: to extend the limits of cellular performance, to enable athletes to push their own.