TOR330 - Tor des Géants - OLEUS

TOR330 - Tor des Géants


Aosta Valley, Italy


Trail race




330 km


10.09.23 to 16.09.23



The TOR330 - Tor des Géants is more than just a race, it's the experience of a lifetime. Starting and finishing in Courmayeur, Italy, this loop course takes you through some of the most breathtaking and challenging terrain in the Italian Alps.

To conquer the TOR330, you must battle fatigue, high altitudes, and harsh weather conditions - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Along the way, you'll pass through 34 municipalities, 25 mountain passes and two natural parks. It's a gruelling 330 km journey with a staggering 24.000 m elevation gain, making it no surprise that only about 60% of participants reach the finish line. Think you have what it takes? 

What makes it unique?

Part of what makes the TOR330 - Tor des Géants unique is that it takes place in the Alps, providing a breathtaking backdrop for the runners as they navigate through some of the most challenging mountain terrain. In addition, runners must carry all of their own gear and supplies with them throughout the race. This includes food, water, first aid supplies, and any additional clothing or equipment needed to handle the extreme weather conditions they may encounter.

Lastly, the TOR330 is a non-stop race, meaning participants must keep moving for the entire duration of the event. There are no compulsory stages or specific stop points, allowing racers to choose how often and where they take breaks. Combined, these factors make the TOR330 - Tor des Géants an unparalleled ultrarunning challenge that tests the limits of endurance, determination, and skill.


Image source: Roberto Roux/TorXTrail


How to prepare

Register early

Registration for the TOR330 - Tor des Géants is competitive, and runners must meet specific qualifying standards in order to be eligible to register. Registration details can be found on the official website.

Train for the course

Your training regime should include long runs, hill repeats, strength training, and running with a weighted pack to simulate the conditions of the race. Make sure to get familiar with race regulations, as well as mandatory gear requirements. 



How to apply

Event website

Event channels



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