10 cycling events in Europe this summer you cannot miss (2024)

10 cycling events in Europe this summer you cannot miss (2024)

For the Hardcore Cyclist:

1.La Marmotte 

Location: France

Type: Gran Fondo

Distance: 174km

Dates: 30 June 2024


Description: La Marmotte is widely considered the toughest Gran Fondo in the Alps, and for good reason. The 174km route packs in a staggering 5,000 meters of elevation gain, following the path of iconic climbs like the Col du Glandon, Télégraphe, Galibier, and the legendary Alpe d'Huez.

Challenge: La Marmotte is a brutal test of physical and mental endurance. The relentless climbs, long distances, and high altitude demand exceptional fitness, strong climbing skills, and unwavering determination. Proper training and preparation are crucial to conquering this legendary route.

Experience: For those who successfully complete La Marmotte, the sense of accomplishment is unparalleled. The camaraderie among riders tackling this epic challenge creates a unique atmosphere. The breathtaking scenery and the chance to cycle on the same roads as Tour de France champions make La Marmotte a truly unforgettable cycling experience.

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2. Maratona delle Dolomiti 

Location: Italy

Type: Gran Fondo

Distance: Multiple routes offered (long route: 138km)

Dates: 7 July 2024 


Description: Legendary Gran Fondo! Choose routes, and conquer iconic climbs (Passo Pordoi, Passo Gavia) on mostly closed roads."Maratona" course: 138km, 4,230m+ elevation.

Challenge: The Dolomites offer a relentless challenge with steep climbs, long distances, and high altitudes. The Maratona course demands excellent fitness, strong climbing skills, and the ability to pace yourself effectively. Be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions that can add another layer of difficulty.

Experience: Completing the Maratona delle Dolomiti is a badge of honor for any cyclist. The stunning mountain scenery, festive atmosphere, and the chance to ride on closed roads alongside thousands of fellow enthusiasts create an unforgettable experience.

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3. Egmont Cycling Race 

Location: Belgium 

Type: One-Day Race

Distance: Varies (typically challenging course) 

Dates: 18, 20 August 2024

Description: Test your climbing! Punchy climbs challenge experienced riders. Race the clock or rivals in this Belgian classic

Challenge: Don't underestimate the Egmont Cycling Race. The demanding course with its short, steep climbs requires excellent fitness and strong climbing technique. Be prepared to dig deep and test your endurance as you navigate the challenging terrain.

Experience: The Egmont Cycling Race offers a rewarding experience for those who rise to the challenge. Conquering the climbs and battling it out on the course will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. The race atmosphere is electric, fueled by the cheers of spectators and the camaraderie among competitors. Crossing the finish line will be a moment to remember.

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For Those Seeking Distance:

4. Saimaa Cycle Tour 

Location: Finland

Type: Long-distance Cycling Challenge

Distance: 210km, 380km, 460km, or 670km options

Dates: 28-29 June 2024

Description: Night ride through Finnish Lakeland! Choose routes from 210km to a grueling 670km ultra under the midnight sun. Stunning scenery, all abilities are welcome!

Challenge: The longer routes of the Saimaa Cycle Tour are a significant test of endurance. Navigating the rolling hills and potentially variable weather conditions over long distances requires good fitness, strong mental fortitude, and proper pacing strategies.

Experience: The Saimaa Cycle Tour offers a unique and unforgettable cycling adventure. Riding through the beautiful Finnish Lakeland bathed in the midnight sun creates a surreal and magical experience. The well-organized event caters to cyclists of all levels, fostering a supportive atmosphere and camaraderie amongst participants.

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5. Vätternrundan

Location: Sweden

Type: Gran Fondo

Distance: 300km or 150km options

Dates: 15 – 16 June 2024

Description: The World's biggest cycling event (30,000 riders!), choose a 300km challenge or a 150km route around scenic Lake Vättern. Festive atmosphere, cycle with thousands!

Challenge: The 300km route is a true test of endurance, demanding physical and mental strength. Even the 150km option requires good fitness and cycling experience to navigate the distance and the potential for headwinds around the lake.

Experience: Vätternrundan offers a unique experience of camaraderie and shared achievement. The well-organized event provides a supportive environment for cyclists of all levels to challenge themselves and enjoy the beauty of Sweden

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6. Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine 

Location: France 

Type: Multi-Day Stage Race

Distance: Varies depending on stage

Dates: 20-24 August 2024

Description: This week-long adventure takes you through stunning western France. Climbers, sprinters, and all-rounders can test their skills on diverse terrain. Conquer epic climbs, power through flat stretches, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders.

Challenge: The Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine tests your overall cycling skills. With varied terrain across the stages, you'll need to be prepared for anything. The race demands physical and mental fortitude as you tackle demanding climbs, navigate technical sections, and recover for the next stage.

Experience: The Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine offers a unique and unforgettable cycling experience. Immerse yourself in the French countryside, race through charming towns, and conquer challenging stages. The camaraderie among riders and the satisfaction of completing a multi-day stage race will create lasting memories.

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For a Gran Fondo Experience (mass participation in cycling events):

7. Étape du Tour 

Location: France (Varies depending on Tour de France stage)

Type: Gran Fondo

Distance: Varies depending on stage (typically challenging)

Dates:  7 July 2024 

Youtube: L'Étape du Tour de France 2023 - Best of

Description: Ride a Tour de France stage! Closed roads, conquer climbs like the pros! Choose stages with varying difficulty & scenery.

Challenge: The Étape du Tour stages are no easy feat. They often feature challenging climbs, long distances, and high altitudes. Proper training and preparation are crucial to tackle these demanding courses.

Experience: Competing in the Étape du Tour is an unforgettable experience. The excitement of riding on closed roads alongside thousands of fellow enthusiasts creates a truly electric atmosphere. The chance to conquer a Tour de France stage and witness the beauty of the French countryside makes this a once-in-a-lifetime cycling adventure.

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For Stunning Scenery:

8. Transalp Challenge

Location: Germany, Italy, Austria

Type: Multi-day Self-Supported Race

Distance: Varies depending on route (full course: 700-800km)

Dates: 14 - 20 July 2024

Description: Epic self-supported Alps adventure! Traverse stunning landscapes (Germany, Italy, Austria) on a multi-day route. Carry your own gear, conquer climbs, test your endurance. Shorter options are available.

Challenge: The Transalp Challenge is not for the faint of heart. The long distances, demanding climbs, and self-supported format require exceptional physical fitness, strong mental fortitude, and self-reliance skills. Proper planning, navigation expertise, and ultralight gear are crucial for success.

Experience: Completing the Transalp Challenge is a truly rewarding experience. The sense of accomplishment after conquering challenging climbs and traversing breathtaking scenery is unparalleled. The self-supported format fosters a unique sense of independence and adventure, allowing you to truly connect with the mountains and experience the Alps in a whole new way.

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9.Haute Route Pyrenees 

Location: France

Type: Multi-day Self-Supported Cycling Challenge

Distance: Varies depending on route (typically 700-800 km)

Dates: 30 June - 6 July 2024

Description: Pyrenees challenge! Self-supported, multi-day ride with stunning scenery. Conquer climbs like Col du Tourmalet, test your limits. Similar to Transalp Challenge (carry gear, arrange accommodation).

Challenge: The Haute Route Pyrenees demands excellent fitness and strong cycling skills. The long distances, challenging climbs, and potential for unpredictable mountain weather require careful planning, proper pacing, and a spirit of adventure.

Experience: The Haute Route Pyrenees offers a unique and unforgettable cycling experience. The freedom of self-supported riding allows you to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pyrenees. The sense of accomplishment after conquering legendary climbs and traversing breathtaking landscapes creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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10.Quebrantahuesos (Spain, June)

Location: Spain

Type: Gran Fondo

Distance: 205km, 188km, or shorter options

Dates: 21 June 2024

Description: Conquer the "Bone Breaker"! This iconic Gran Fondo in the Spanish Pyrenees offers stunning scenery & various routes. Full 205km challenges even the toughest cyclists. Shorter options are available.

Challenge: The relentless climbs and long distances of Quebrantahuesos make it a brutal challenge. Conquering these legendary mountains requires excellent fitness, strong climbing skills, and mental fortitude. Be prepared for potentially hot summer temperatures and the possibility of headwinds.

Experience: For those who rise to the challenge, Quebrantahuesos offers an unforgettable experience. The sense of accomplishment after summiting iconic climbs and traversing stunning scenery is truly rewarding. The festive atmosphere and the camaraderie among cyclists tackling this epic challenge create lasting memories.

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